Misery Bay Visitor Report for the 2014 Summer






In spite of the rotten summer weather and mosquitoes, the Visitors Centre at Misery Bay recorded 2940 visitors this summer.  Of these, 1418 signed either the Visitors book in the Centre, or the Log Book at the new gazebo shelter on the South Shore.




            85% of visitors were from 7 provinces across Canada


              8% were from 21 U.S. States


              7% were from 14 countries from around the world.  (Great Britain,


            Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Finland,


            Brazil, Japan, China, Australia and New Zealand.)




(One visitor was reportedly from The Shire, Middle Earth, and one, Miss Perfect, from the Fen.)




Comments in the books ranged from:


-          appreciated the trail signage,


-          enjoyed the trails, and the variety of plants and wildlife,


-          we sure will be back,


-          great interpretive centre,


-          what a wonderful world,


-          we’ve been coming here for 16 years, and it’s better every time.


-          a feast for the spirit,


to:        -     superbe


-          and, magnifique.


Even the rain didn’t deter the hardiest of visitors.  One group simply stated “foggy, misty, wet, AWESOME”, and another, “miserable wet, rainy day.  Loved it!”


On their 12th visit to this beautiful bay, Mary and Murray wrote “Quiet, Peaceful, Rugged and Wild, We love it!  Although we prefer to rename it Transcendent Bay, Because it is!”




The Friends of Misery Bay would like to thank Bridgette and Kris, our summer staff, for the excellent work they did, meeting and greeting visitors at the Centre, and answering questions about the Park.  We also thank all the volunteers who kept the Centre open on weekends, from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. You are the best friends anyone could hope to have.



 Trails are open all year. Use them at your own risk. The Visitors Centre building facilities are open during the summer months at the hours shown below.

In 2017 the Visitors Centre will be staffed and open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Victoria Day weekend through Thanksgiving , 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and daily during July and August.


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400 Misery Bay Park Road
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email address: infoATmiserybay.ca
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